Sunday, June 23, 2013

Little Middle 2013

One of my favorite weeks of the summer is the Little Middle week at John C Campbell Folk School.  It's one of only two weeks that children take classes at this incredible creative arts vacation school/camp for adults.  This week is sold out every year with long waiting lists, and I have been so happy to share mosaics for 4 years now.  Each day I see the same 4 groups of 12 kids, first grade-5th, and this year I had a bonus kid to make 49 total. We did paper mosaics the first day to get the hang of using shapes instead of lines.

Alphabet cement blocks, like mini-stepping stones were the most fun.  Groups had to collaborate together to design and execute large mosaic sun catchers.  Unfortunately we had big rain downpours almost every day, but lots of smiles, hugs, and awesome art.

I'll be teaching an adult week in October, which will be a great experience too.  But, Little Middle holds a special place in my heart.