Wednesday, July 31, 2013

texture color shape flow

sneak peek of my "Geode" sculpture for the NCBG Fall Sculpture Show.... harmonizing texture, color, shape, and flow....

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pet Portrait

I haven't done very many small projects recently.  I do like a variety, so I was happy to take this small pet portrait commission recently.  The client's photos were not very good, and the pet had passed away several years ago.  I found a reuse clock frame at the Scrap Exchange, and had a couple great pieces of orangey-brown stained glass already in my mosaic stash.  The pupils do have an iridescence to them, although doesn't show on this photo for a great glossy touch.  The glue is still drying, and I will be grouting it, so not 100% completed, but it shows a great expressiveness, and I wanted to share.  The piece is smallish, about 7x7" without the frame.  Not sure why it loaded sideways...but I kinda like it.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The School for Creative Studies

This week I've been working with some fantastic folks at The School for Creative Studies, a new DPS 6-12 year round choice school.  The Principal Renee Price,  Asst Principal Andrea Hundredmark, and Instructional Facilitator Rita Rathbone,  are all women I have known (previously) at my own childrens' schools, and are leading the dynamic administrative team at SCS.  They asked me about creating a mosaic for the front desk, and I jumped on board, organizing and planning for a volunteer making day, as well as the installation.  We had administrators, teachers, and families all working together to create the logo in mosaic.

Today was grout day, with a final cleaning tomorrow.  What a great impact this will have for the front office visitors, and a fantastic project to begin the new school year...!!