Monday, September 30, 2013

double duty

Besides having a mosaic sculpture, "Geode" at the NC Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill (25th Annual Sculpture Show), I have been working with some fabulous children designing and assembling a mosaic mural for the Wonder Garden.  The theme is NC pollinators, and the kids did most of the designing themselves, and cooperated (with a bit of guidance) to bring their wonderful ideas together in one art work.  The participants were ages 7-10, and full of great ideas and energy!  The first 3 hr session they learned about mosaics, pollination, went down to the garden to see plants and pollinators in action, sketched some very creative design ideas, and then enlarged their ideas and made individual pollinator components with tumbled stained glass pieces.  Their works were captured with tile tape.
This past Saturday, we met again for another 3 hr session to arrange the pollinator components based on a compilation design plan, and fill in the background (which included a flowering tree, ancient stone helmet gate with bee hive, waterfall with stream, and Carolina blue sky).  Working on the floor was easiest, and everyone was able to work on an area they were interested in.  The background was assembled in no time, so they were able to go out and enjoy a bit of the sculpture show and do some paper mosaics to take home.
Installation of the mural will take place later in October, weather pending, and will be a whimsical permanent addition to the NCBG.  Thanks to Orange County Arts Commission for grant support of this project, and NCBG, particularly Elisha and Nancy, for coordinating and believing in the power of art and science in learning!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

NCBG Fall Sculpture in the Garden 2013

 "Geode" is officially installed at the North Carolina Botanical Gardens in Chapel Hill for the 2013 Fall Sculpture in the Gardens Show.  Opening preview reception Sept 20th, 2013, tickets available via the NCBG website. 50+ outdoor works in a beautiful setting this Fall, free and open to the public starting Saturday Sept 21, 2013.