Thursday, May 29, 2014

color wheel

Since I didn't go to art school, I only had a rudimentary understanding of the color wheel and it's importance regarding the science of color.  For this last school residency of the 2013-14 school year, I wanted to create a large color wheel with Middle School students, emphasizing and isolating colors, while concentrating on shape and andamento of the pieces within each color wedge.

These 7th grade advanced art students were able to learn to safely use a wheeled nipper (with eye protection) and cut glass tile to the shape and size they wanted to use for their patterned section of color.

They worked swiftly and carefully, in small groups, having fun while making wonderful mosaics.  When grouted and hung, the four panels will complete the color wheel.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fox In The Pines

BUSY with getting a few school projects finished up in the next couple weeks... this one was at Forest Pines Elementary School in N. Raleigh.  Each panel is 2x2' and depicts their school mascot, a fox, with faces and paw prints, with pine trees (our state tree).  Foxes have 5 toes on their front paws (one is a dew claw), and 4 toes on their hind paws.  Some classes of students worked with graphed designs and square tiles individually or in pairs, others worked in small groups to render the tree in a "free form" style with tumbled stained glass.  These panels are freshly grouted, and laid out in my driveway to photograph before packing them up and delivering back to school for hanging.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Good Shepherd Catholic School, Frankfort KY

It was a great week in Frankfort, Kentucky at Good Shepherd Catholic School!  This mosaic was made with Pre K-8th graders, all working together on different sections and different skills, collaborating in this fantastic rendering of their school logo design ( original logo by the principal's brother/sister in law).  It was a pleasure to see some old friends (Ida and Anne Taylor + family) and make lots of new ones (Jody, Sharon, Steve, and about 165 students)!  Thank you all for your hospitality, trust in my work, and willingness to rearrange schedules and classrooms to make it happen!