Monday, July 23, 2012

people's choice

It's been a strange week.  An opportunity came along that was going to be great, then was miscommunicated, then on hold, then shut down.  Sort of to my relief, but I'm kind of angry about it too.  It's funny why things do or don't work out the way we would like.  Sometimes our fault, often times not. 

I did get notice that 2 of my sculptural mosaics have won the "People's Choice Award" for 2 different exhibits.  It is a bummer to never (almost never, I did win once) win a top prize in the sculpture shows.  It's usually men, with big metal structures (no pun intended).  Everyone, besides judges apparently, loves my work.  It's different, colorful, playful, appealing to all ages...  easy to understand.  It is very rewarding to win People's Choice... I make art for people, not art judges or critics (well, I guess they are people too).

I've been asked this week to be on a judging committee/panel soon.  I wonder how I'll feel about the process.  Can I remember how it feels to be judged during the action?  How does one be compassionate when there can only be one winner?

Thanks friends for your support and hug an artist today... they probably need it.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

beach week

Family beach week has come and gone.  It's too easy to take our NC geography for granted, especially when the Piedmont summer temps get so hot and muggy.  It's usually 10 degrees cooler on either end of the state, whether mountains or beaches.

Here's a few quick glimpses of the things I saw this week.  Mermaid weather vane.

Antique bottle collection in window with awesome bonus sky reflection.

 Soaring birds in a golden sunset.
Historical architecture.  It was a good week.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I have been fortunate to have pretty steady mosaic work (residencies, workshops, commissions and shows) in this economy.  I love the variety and really couldn't sustain my business or personal creative interest on just one avenue.  So before I jinx myself into oblivion, THANKS universe for providing all the wonderful opportunities I've been able to receive lately.  That being said, I'm free this week.  No meetings, no pending workshops, no tile orders to check on or total up.  No sketching, no proposals due, no paperwork (OK, a little paperwork, but so far I'm successfully procrastinating on that).  No planning or preparation.  I'm free.  Free to experiment and explore.  Free to arrange and rearrange.  Free to choose what I like and what I don't.  Free to create without needing to have an agenda or please anyone but myself.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

sculptor's 4th of July

who needs sparklers when you have a Dremel and some rebar......  Happy 4th of July!