Wednesday, July 13, 2016

summer catchup

Ok, I have been seriously neglectful of this blog for the past year.  Sorry.  Many of you have heard bits and pieces so I will update the highlights and lowlights:

I was contracted  for a couple of awesome school residencies at Wendell ES, Lucas MS, and Sheep Harney ES.  Several more schools asked, but I had also been notified of ....

...A PUBLIC ART COMMISSION!  However after many months, we could not come to a contractual agreement mainly regarding copyright and construction (biggies in the mosaic art world).  Meanwhile another public opportunity sprouted... and is still on hold (as they tend to do)....  I am grateful for the opportunities, but spent some time frustrated about things beyond my control.  I have a better grip on it now. Looking forward to catching up on some of the local residencies this upcoming school year!

In the summer of 2015 I started the process of building a studio on to the house, as many of you read on FB.  That process was longer and more tedious than expected, but by November, I was able to "move in"! It is infinitely better than my dungeon room inside the house, and my spider laden garage.

Since then, I have been working on a new mosaic series of gallery work, been juried into several shows, and joined several community shows,  and have been constructing a mosaic sculpture for a neighborhood in Salisbury (which will be installed early Aug).

So now we are up to date....

Sunday begins a new adventure.... more about that next week, promise.