Friday, March 7, 2014

things beyond my control

Be prepared.  Have a plan.  Be flexible.  There are things that happen beyond my control.  Weather.  Interruptions in the chain of communication.  Technical difficulties.  This fabulous project was actually done in October, but due to circumstances beyond my (or the school's) control, it was not ready to grout until late last week, and my schedule wasn't open until yesterday.  Many pieces had been picked off of the stark white mastic, and needed replacement. The small blobs of mastic that needed to be scraped off  had been solidifying and curing to rock hard for 4 months (which took twice as long to scrape).  The "trim" is still not quite adequate, not sure why the trim I provided was not used (and probably will never know).  But, the salamanders are now grouted.  And they look pretty great crawling up and down the wall.  The students who made them had gotten used to seeing the mosaic with the white mastic only... what a difference the brown grout made yesterday!  Thanks for your patience and understanding that sometimes the wait is worth it after all.